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Since their latest output „Chapter 3: The Last Selection“
Independent outfit Paleface gained international recognition throughout the Deathcore and Beatdown Community. Known for their simply aggressive riffs, unusual blasting drums and a heavily bass output and a pinch of humor. This is Switzerland’s findest heavy music.

Their second long player focusing on a more mature topic inside the album.

„Fear & Dagger“ is a 65 mins long monster. Which is aimed to
catch you up from front to back. Not only with Marc „Zelli“ Zellweger’s outstanding vocal performances also as a modern metal band in the 21th century representing youth and their „fears“ and modern day critical topics of mental health.

The album contains 16 tracks packed and included special recordings by a schizophrenic fan who led his intimidate voice participating on the album.

On top of that, Paleface committed featuring parts by
Bands like: Justice For The Damned (AUS) , Traitors (US) and Landmvrks (FR).

Zelli commented with the Album: „This is what Paleface is all about.
The entire 65mins. speaks for us: for our emotions, our style, our dedication and our PLFC-Family.
We wrote and recorded the entire record within six months not only for our fans and for us, but also for all the people out there who’s struggling with dark times in their life and themselves. We want to give them a piece of solace.

Music to connect with, something to gain strength, something to be happy about, some-thing that helps you deal with the pain or just something to let all the anger out.

I am unbelievably proud of our by far angriest and most emotional record and I can’t wait to show it to the world.

The story of the „Chapters“ continues with this record. Enjoy. “

Today, Paleface kick of the pre-order for their album „Fear & Dagger“ as well as their vinyl pre-order packed as a Gatefold double vinyl in three different variants.
„Fear & Dagger“ will be released on march 25th!

The Album is available as CD Digipak & coloured vinyl, digital.

Pre-Order Physical:
Digital Pre-Save:



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