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02/03/23 Nürnberg z-Bau DE Buy Tickets
03/03/23 Berlin Hole 44 DE Buy Tickets
04/03/23 Bochum Rotunde DE Buy Tickets
09/03/23 Düsseldorf Tube DE Buy Tickets
10/03/23 Osnabrück Bastard Club DE Buy Tickets
11/03/23 Leipzig Naumanns DE Buy Tickets
16/03/23 Wiesbaden Schlachthof DE Buy Tickets
17/03/23 Hannover Lux DE Buy Tickets
18/03/23 Köln Helios37 DE Buy Tickets
24/03/23 Saarbrücken Kleiner Club Garage DE Buy Tickets
25/03/23 Hamburg LOGO DE Buy Tickets
01/04/23 Stuttgart Juha West DE Buy Tickets
21/04/23 Dortmund Junkyard DE Buy Tickets
02/10/23 Dresden Groovestation DE Buy Tickets
04/11/23 Osnabrück Bastard Club DE Buy Tickets

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Nico Behr
PH +49 40-68 89 152 20
FX +49 40-68 89 152 29

Press Info

BOBBY LIES was born in Wuppertal/Germany and is currently based in Berlin.
 Despite what many people think when they first lay eyes on him, he is not a rapper.
 Bobby has his roots way deep in the punk/hardcore scene in which he grew up, 
 and he made some great memories touring internationally with his band „Coyotes“.
However this was only the start to a wild ride. After the band broke up, he took part in the german TV-show „The Voice of Germany“, made it to the finals and signed a deal with Universal. Eventually he found out that this part of the music business is not what he has been looking for all along. Bobby got out of the deal and started working on his first solo EP „Not Enough“ which was released in 2019.
BOBBY LIES is now writing and working with songwriter/producer Kotsche (Callejon) an old friend from the punk/hardcore-days. Bobby may not have come full circle with his current songs, but he got a lot closer to what made him start music in the first place.
 The songwriting is inspired by a true love for music from the 90s and 2000s (after all 
 there is a cover of Mario’s „Let me love you“ on the EP). The guitars are back – heavy distorted riffs as well as funky single -note-lines, paired with analog synths. The vibey, beat-driven songs are the perfect canvas for Bobby’s intimate and airy vocals. His diverse personality and his wide ranging spectrum of interests are mirrored in his music. He sings about love, polyamory and the struggles that come with that.
 Bobby constantly finds himself between „Love Songs and Dirty Talks“.



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